About the founder

Do you know that feeling? You are coming home after a long day, tired and hungry. Body, mind and soul are exhausted and seek for energy. You discover the protein bar you recently took out of the gym. You are happy: Yes, that’s the energy I need now. You bite in and think: That may be healthy. But it does not taste good. A protein bar, as hard and dry as a brick? How unsexy!

Make up your mind for your health  – With 100% Organic snacks

I had this experience. It was my key experience. I immediately thought: “Hey, you can do that better. You are a cook. Live your creativity around healthy food. Create a gluten and lactose free snack that is cleaner, fresher, healthier. And go out into the world with your mission called: Decide on your health. Fill your tank only with original, delicious snacks and a pure conscience. With snacks made of vegan and organic ingredients – made in Denmark. Without added sugar, additives or preservatives. 100 % organic. 100 % vegan, 100% clean label and great taste!

Hence I got down to work. Left the dry moralizing facts behind me and developed bit by bit healthy snacks that combine both: a good taste and a nice packaging – and thus a good feeling. I was excited to meet some great people who shared my vision and we started our wonderful journey about healthy and delicious snacks: with great taste, a simple recipe, being compatible with a healthy diet & lifestyle. We, the team of The Clean Food Company in Denmark, would expressly like to recommend this to you!

Show your face to the outside with your private label

Of course, the question comes up: Why a healthy snack? Why an own label? Very easily: Whether as a meal, after sport or just for in between – with or without protein or covered with chocolate: with a healthy snack as an incentive or a part of your product spectrum you show: “We take care of you!  Your health is important to us!”

With our range of healthy snacks or bites you support your employees or your customers recharging and replenishing with real raw energy and a clear conscience. In a responsible, appreciative, sustainable…

… and visible way.  Your private label is your face to the outside. A face which is important for your branding and sales support!  According to the idea: „Show off your product in a stylish way with private labeling“, we  support you from now on with our full range service concept, that involves

·      the development of the concept

·      creation of recipes

·      branding

·      design

·      labeling

Benefit from fast realization thanks to our flat overall structure

It does not take more than four or five weeks from the idea to the implementation. Since we produce everything inhouse and have a flat overall cost structure we can provide you better prices. Nevertheless we also offer you to develop and manufacture everything together. Or you design the foil and we bring it to the bar. Contact us and assure yourself our powerful and passionate product expertise – for a healthy body, a fresh brain, a satisfied soul and a happy life!

Find us at the  „World of Private Label” International Trade Fair in Amsterdam

For more than 30 years, PLMA’s annual “World of Private Label” International Trade Fair has assembled retailers together with manufacturers to support them finding new products and new contacts and to discover new ideas that will help their private label programs succeed and grow. The market share of private labels has never been so great! Find us at the „World of Private Label” International Trade Fair in Amsterdam (21st – 22nd May, 2019) and get your own picture of our competence – for your sustainable success.

We look forward to seeing you! Stay healthy!

Casper & Team

Interview Casper:

Five questions – five answers:

What do you enjoy most about your product?

The honest and simple combination of ingredients in its natural state combined in a simple recipe where taste is in the upper area. I love that we only work with organic products and have strong focus on clean label without on added stuff that doesn’t do anything good for us. Why do you find our foods with additives, chemicals and processed ingredients that are dead and with no or little nutrition?

Which is your favorite taste?  

I generally like all foods and tastes but at the moment I´m in love with our new recipes with 100% chocolate coved Apricot Buckthorn snack bar. But my favorites change from time to time. The most important thing is that the taste is perfect and the ingredients are of high quality and as clean and as naturally made as possible.

Where do you get your ideas from for further development?

I´m very inspired by my surroundings and spend a lot of time researching of new trends, innovative and creative ideas and look to find ways that we can use this in our portfolio of clean and organic products. I´m also a huge nature person and spend as much time as I can in nature to clear my mind and ground myself. I think that opens me for my creative flow of ideas. Some of them are good and some of them are far outside and not possible. But all ideas and thoughts are important for me to keep my creativity.

How sustainable is your production chain?

We try as much as we can to ensure that all raw materials used in our products / production are sustainable. We have high demands on the quality of organic ingredients and are very selective with the companies we collaborate with. To be certified organic in Denmark you have to have full control and visibility on the individual raw materials from grower to end user. Therefore we are obliged by the state to record all products going in and out of our production to ensure that we have full control.

Our production will be IFS certified this year to meet the international demands on production and secure and safe process. We have a strong focus on finding the right biodegradable packaging materials for our products, in particularly for our folia that our products are packed in. This is an on going process since this kind of packaging is new to the market and not much experienced on how the materials react with the environment that they will get exposed to.

We have a wish for your future production plan to run on clean and green energy from sun and wind and we work hard to reach these goals as fast as possible.

Why is Denmark a pioneer for healthy snacks?

Well, Denmark has worked hard at promoting and enhancing organic agriculture over the last 30 years and has therefore a strong focus on healthy foods. Furthermore, Denmark is a country that supports and motivates new startup companies and innovative ideas. Not only with funds given by the state, but more importantly with free or very cheap counselling and professional help and support in business development. Therefore a lot of young people see an opportunity to start their own business and begin their adventure.